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Transform your campsite in seconds!

From dirty to clean, the LITOCLOTH tablecloth is a must for anyone RV-ing, camping or picnicking  


"We have been using our LITO tablecloth and absolutely love it.  The tablecloth material is very durable and it’s super easy to clean. We use it camping and one of the highlights are the tie down straps as we never have to worry about our tablecloth flying away again. We love the tablecloth pattern and get compliments on it all the time." ~ Gayle, Los Angeles, CA 

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High Quality. Stylish. 

Camp in Comfort.

Wipeable Picnic Tablecloths

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."   Henry David Thoreau


LITO founder, Carol Carimi Acutt, a documentary filmmaker and television producer has a second passion, exploring the outdoors. 


Throughout the years of camping around the country, Carol found there was a lack of quality, well-designed, luxury camping products.  And so, Luxury In The Outdoors (LITO) was born. LITO products focus on quality, design, style and practicality. Our flagship product is wipeable picnic tablecloths great for glamping, camping  and outdoor picnics. Read More.


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